SAW Flux

PWL 5101

The production of PWL5101 is based on agglomerated flux produced by imported technical know-how and equipment of Swiss Olicon welding industry company (former product name is OP-185).

PWL5101 is a aluminum-titanium type acidity flux (Rutile type), with alkalinity around 0.5-0.8. It is gray and round grain with grain size around 1.18-0.28mm. It can be operated with AC and DC. The wire shall be connected to positive pole when applying DC. It has steady arc, nice weld formation, and easy in slag removal specially at high speed.

Applications with applicable wires (EL8 & EM12K) mainly to weld low carbon steel and some low alloy steel like the SAW welding of boilers, pressure vessels, ships, etc. It has perfect deposit metal impact toughness. PWL 5101 is a specified flux used in the high speed welding of power plant boiler water wall, PEB structural, its welding speed can come up to 70m/h. It is usefull for welding thin plates in single pass & limited pass.

PWL 5101 Classification : AWS A5.17, F6AZ-EL8, F6AZ-EM12K
Chemical Composition of Flux :
SiO2+TiO2 Al2O3+MnO CaF2 S P
25-35 50-60 3-10 < 0.06 < 0.08
Mechanical Properties of Deposit Metal
Accompanied Wire Y.S.
Impact test (J)0C
F6AZ EL8 >330 415-550 27 >27
F6AZ EM12K >330 425-550 27 >27