SAW Flux

PWL 6101

PWL 6101 Classification : F316-H0Cr19Ni12Mo2
Chemical Composition of Flux :
SiO2+TiO2 CaO+MgO Al2O3+MnO CaF2 S P
5-10 6-10 30-40 40-50 < 0.06 < 0.08
Mechanical Properties of Deposit Metal
Accompanied Wire T.S.
Impact test (J)0C
H0Cr21Ni10 480-650 >35

PWL 6101 is a basic agglomerated flux of stainless stainless steels and heat resistance steels welding, with grain size around 1.18-0.28mm, basicity index 1.8. It can be operated with AC and DC, the wire shall be connected to plsitive pole when applying DC. It has steady and nice weld formation, welded metal shows excellent crack resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, Toughness of weld metal at - 196 centigrade is satisfied.

Excellent weldability such as stable arc and easy slag removal. Good bead appearance, high welding efficiency in welding thin and ultra-thick plate.

Accompanying suitable (H0Cr21Ni10, H00Cr21Ni10, H00Cr21Ni10, H00Cr19Ni12Mo2) to weld manjor structures of stainless steel and high alloy heat resistance steel, etc. It has perfect deposit metal mechanical properties.