SAW Wires


PWL SAW 1 Classification : AWS 5.17, EL-8/EL 12 DIN 8557-S1
Chemical Analysis of Wire (%)
C Mn Si S P Cu
0.04-0.10 0.35-0.60 0.03 max 0.03 max 0.03 max 0.35 max
Typical Mechanical Analysis of weld deposit
Mechanical Properties + Typical values
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 480
Yield Strength (Mpa) 400
Elongation % 27

Welding wire electrode, Cu coated in combination with flux is suitable for welding of construction steels, boiler steels and shipbuilding steels. It is used for making butt welds and fillet welds in general purpose steel constructions, pressure vessels. It is also used for pad welding on railways. Welding wire of diameters in the range from 2.0 to 5.0mm. Larges diameters are produced upon a beforehand made agreements.